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Black Raptor White 5286 mc handskar

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Specifications Include:


  • Cow and Goat Leather Construction - With its mixed construction the glove offers the smooth and supple comfort of premium quality Goat Leather and the robust abrasion resistance of high-grade Cow leather.
  • 100% DuPont™ Kevlar Lining - The back of the glove inner lining made with 100% Original DuPont™ Kevlar Fibres offers the ultimate abrasion resistance without sacrificing flexibility
  • Carbon Fibre Protective Panels - With the strategically placed Carbon Fibre Panels on the Knuckle, back of the hand and Fingers you get the best in impact and abrasion protection
  • Leather Finger Bridge - Finger bridge on the third and fourth finger prevents finger roll and separation in the event of a slide
  • TPU Palm Slider - A strong TPU Palm slider strategically placed to protect the Lunate, Triquetrum and Pisiform Bones
  • Dual Carbon Fibre protective Palm Sliders - 2 Carbon fibre palm sliders protecting the Trapezium and Fifth Metacarpal Bones with padded foam inserts to help absorb impact
  • Leather Adjusting Strap Cover - The Double stitched leather reinforcement panel on the palm extends to cover the Adjustable wrist tensioning strap to prevent this catching in the event of an accident
  • TPU Wrist Protection - A TPU Panel located on the wrist closure is designed to provide both impact and abrasion protection
  • Leather Reinforced Grip Panel - A Reinforced leather panel placed on the upper palm is designed to offer additional abrasion resistance as well as providing extra grip and reducing wear
  • Double Stitched Reinforcements - Specially Selected areas are double stitched to dramatically improve strength and stability


  • Soft Knuckle Padding - The Carbon Fibre Finger and Knuckle armour is also lined with a soft for fitting padding to ensure a close comfortable fit
  • Padded Comfort Liner - The full back of the hand has a padded comfort liner to ensure that the armour required to offer premium protection does not affect comfort.
  • Leather Stretch Panels on Fingers - Leather Stretch panels on the fingers to ensure easy and free movement
  • Elasticated stitching on Wrist - Elasticated stitching around the back of the wrist to offer a secure fit without hindering wrist manoeuvrability
  • Hook and Loop Closure - The Hook and Loop extra strong closure ensures a secure comfortable fit every time
  • Hook And Loop Wrist Adjustment Strap - Customise your fit with the hook and loop wrist adjustment strap
  • Perforated Leather - Perforated Leather panels offer maximum airflow to keep you cool and in control
  • Soft Touch Palm Liner - The lightweight dual layered palm is designed to feel like a second skin meaning you have the maximum protection without sacrificing comfort or feel

Dupont™ and Kevlar™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du pont de nemours and Company

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